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Bandari is an expert in stainless steel industrial piping and a leader in the welded pipe industry.

Jiangsu Bandari Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. is a stainless steel industrial welded pipe manufacturing enterprise with an investment of nearly 100 million yuan, and is one of the domestic enterprises with a full range of varieties.

Bandari has successfully passed the national special equipment (pressure pipeline) certification, EU PED pressure equipment product certification and ISO international quality system and other certifications. Due to our focus on market development, technological transformation, scientific management and brand publicity, Bandari has entered the top ten Chinese stainless steel welded pipe companies, and the Bandari brand has become a very credible brand in the industry.

The company's welded pipe production line is mainly based on Taiwan's original equipment. The line includes slitting, online plasma welding, internal and external weld bead leveling, online solid solution and crawler annealing furnace, continuous shaping, infrared diameter measurement and other advanced equipment. Due to the complete manufacturing equipment and advanced scientific technology, the superiority of the company's product quality is ensured. Therefore, the industrial welded pipes, thin-walled stainless steel water pipes, boilers, pressure vessels and fittings manufactured by our company are generally welcomed by the market. Medicine and other industries.

The company is currently producing 12,000 tons of various industrial welded pipes and fittings with specifications ranging from 12.7 to 2500. The length can be determined within 50 meters according to user needs. In order to ensure quality, an effective scientific quality management system has been established, equipped with relatively complete testing facilities, such as: eddy current testing, hydraulic testing, X-ray testing, spectral analysis, chemical analysis, mechanical performance testing, etc. .

How to use modern science combined with long-term accumulated experience to promote the upgrading of products; how to seize the opportunity of export and develop in an environment of double tests of price and quality to improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises; how to absorb and accommodate the advanced world The business philosophy of the company promotes the overall improvement of the company's quality; we are working hard, trying and practicing.

The Bandari people warmly welcome your joining, we will defend our commitment and credibility with strength and sincerity.

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