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What is the role of the chemical composition of 304 stainless steel welded pipe chromium?


What role does the chemical composition of 304 stainless steel welded pipe chromium play? So today we will briefly analyze the role of chromium content in stainless steel 304 welded pipe. There is only one element that determines the properties of stainless steel welded pipe. This is the metal element chromium (chromium = Cr). Various stainless steel pipes contain a certain amount of chromium content. So far, no stainless steel has no chromium content.

304 stainless steel welded pipe

The main element of stainless steel pipe performance is determined by chromium. The fundamental reason is that after adding the metal element chromium to the composition of steel, the internal contradictory movement is promoted to resist corrosion. This fundamental change can be explained simply from the following two aspects:

1. Chromium absorbs iron electrons to passivate iron

2. Chromium increases the electrode potential of iron-based solid solutions

Therefore, passivation is a phenomenon in which the corrosion resistance of metals and alloys is improved because the anode reaction is prevented. There are many theories that constitute the passivation of metals and alloys, mainly including thin film theory, adsorption theory and electron arrangement theory.



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