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Matters needing attention in the processing and construction of stainless steel industrial welded pipe steel


In order to avoid unnecessary damage to materials and save costs during the processing and construction of stainless steel industrial welded steel plates, special attention should be paid to the following items:

1. Bending processing of stainless steel plate:

The stainless steel thin-walled plate can be bent to 180 degrees, but in order to reduce the cracks on the curved surface, the radius is the same as the radius. It is better to be twice the thickness of the plate. The radius of the plate thickness is necessary, especially during welding, in order to prevent the stainless steel plate from cracking during the processing, the surface of the welding area should be ground.

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Stainless steel plates are prone to frictional heat during deep processing, so high-pressure lubricants with high pressure resistance and heat resistance should be used, and oil stains on the surface should be removed after the forming process.

2. Cutting and stamping of stainless steel plates:

Because the stainless steel plate used in the stainless steel welded pipe is stronger than the general material, it needs more pressure when stamping and shearing, and the knife-to-knife gap is accurate, and it will not become bad. Work hardening, laser or plasma cutting When gas cutting or arc cutting has to be used, grinding the heat-affected zone and heat treatment if necessary.

3. Welding:

Before welding, stainless steel plates used for stainless steel welded pipes should be thoroughly removed from rust, oil, moisture, paint, etc., which are harmful to the welding, and the stainless steel welding rod of the appropriate steel type should be selected. The time interval of spot welding is shorter than that of carbon steel. The welding slag should be removed with a stainless steel brush.

After the welding is completed, in order to prevent local corrosion or strength reduction of the stainless steel welded pipe, the surface should be ground or cleaned.

4. Construction:

In order to prevent the occurrence of stainless steel welding scratches and contamination adhesion, the construction of stainless steel plates used for stainless steel welded pipes is carried out in the state of the film. However, with the extension of time, the residue of the paste solution is in accordance with the use period of the film. After the construction is removed, the surface should be washed, and the special stainless steel tools should be used.

Care should also be taken not to allow the highly corrosive magnetism and stone luxury cleaning drugs to come into contact with the surface of the stainless steel tube. If they are in contact, they should be cleaned immediately.

After the construction is completed, foreign substances such as cement, fly ash, etc. adhering to the surface should be cleaned without washing.

5. Others:

Chemical bleaching, corrosion inhibitors, painting, etc. will make the surface of the material easy to discolor and produce other defects, and maintenance is difficult, so special attention should be paid to the above matters during operation.



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