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Reasonable design requirements for stainless steel industrial welded pipe processing equipment


The high requirements on the surface of stainless steel industrial welded pipe are the distinguishing characteristics from other steels. In fact, in addition to the high requirements for cold-rolled stainless steel welded pipes, the surface also has high requirements for hot-rolled stainless steel welded pipes. Since most of the medium flattening equipment on the market is domestic equipment, many of them are relatively old models. During the processing, as long as the damage is caused by scratches on the board surface, it is easy to cause damage to the board surface. Therefore, when processing equipment on the upper plate, factors of various types of protection plates must be considered.

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Referring to the installation and rectification project of domestic medium-sized board Kaiping equipment in 2006, 3 out of 12 problems were found to be related to protection boards. It involves the material of the feeding platform conveying platform. The feeding platform needs to use electrical rubber plates instead of steel plates. Conveyor platforms require nylon rollers instead of steel rollers. The pinch roller must use cyanide rubber roller instead of steel roller. These are to avoid direct contact between stainless steel and other steels, causing surface quality problems.

As we all know, because the middle plate has a large curling force, it often has strong contact with the device during the opening process. If the contact part is steel, it will cause mutual wear and form sharp and uneven edges. The company's board opening equipment was scratched due to severe wear of the leveling roller, which caused the surface of the board to be scratched and had to be closed and rectified.

Although not all medium-thick stainless steel welded pipes have high requirements, it is good for the company to have a device that can open high-quality tablet computers. The best way to improve the processing capacity of equipment is to make reasonable corrections when designing equipment. Not every equipment manufacturing company can create perfect equipment. In many cases, equipment orderers need to put forward various requirements and urge equipment manufacturers to make corrections. This should be an objective phenomenon.



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